Friday, August 8, 2008

Magazine Ads of the 50s Through the 80s

By Nancy Stine
I am leafing through the pages of a February, 1950 FARM JOURNAL magazine and, oh, the memories it brings back to me. Incidentally, the magazine cost a mere 20 cents.
'OLDSMOBILE ROCKETS AHEAD!' 'Hydra-Matic Drive, at new reduced price, now optional on all Oldsmobile models.' 'Only Kelvinator, pioneer for 36 years, could bring you 11 to 12 cu ft of cold space!In the floor space of pre-war "6's" with giant Frozen Food Chests! Get Kelvinator THE OLDEST MAKER OF ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION FOR THE HOME' 'INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Farmall Super-A, Farmall Cub, Farmall C, Farmall H' 'ALADDIN READY-CUT HOMES - $1492 FREIGHT PAID. Oh, how the times have changed! I remember Oldsmobile Hydra-Matic Drive, and Kelvinator, and the Farmall H (the Farmall H was my new husband's first tractor and the one on which my son learned to drive) and I remember ALADDIN HOMES for $1492 including shipping. I remember the '57 Chevy. And how about the TV jingle 'See the USA - in your Chevrolet'? Much earlier, probably late 30s or early 40s, my favorite radio jingle went 'Cream of wheat - is so good to eat - and you eat it everyday. As we sing this song - it will make us strong - and it makes us shout HURRAY. It's good for growing children - and grownups, too, to eat. For all your family breakfasts - you can't beat CREAM OF WHEAT!' The radio program? LET'S PRETEND! It was my favorite. I was 8. Magazine ads are a printed time capsule of history.
For Christmas last year I made a book for my kids - a compilation of ads from THE FARM JOURNAL and SUCCESSFUL FARMING MAGAZINES - years 1924 through 1930. WOW! It was the early history of farming through the years. Here is the Fordson tractor which I remember was my dad's first tractor. 'Fordson Power Will Make You More Money. Fordson $495 f.o.b. Detroit. Fenders and Pulley extra'. And several companies made attachments that you could add to your Model A Ford to 'make a tractor of your car. Use it for farm work. Pullford catalog shows how to make a practical tractor out of Ford and other cars'. You could plow with it, saw your wood, grind your feed, shell your corn, pump your water, and elevate your grain. What fun to wander through the memories of time through magazine ads of the day. It was a kinder time then.
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